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cairns engineering

cairns engineering

cairns steel fabrication

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steel fabrication cairns

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Steel Engineering

A local Cairns engineering and Cairns Steel Fabrication specialist with proven experience in the area in all aspects of our trade

Lead by John Gammie with more than twenty years experience in this industry NQ Engineering and Fabrication Cairns Pty Ltd is unique in their capacity to deliver all aspects of design, fabrication and delivery of products to our discerning Cairns clients.

Scope of Works: Our customised approach to Cairns steel fabrication has seen a completely diverse scope of works. No job is too big or small, specialising in all areas we can work with one piece of steel through to 40t depending on requirements. A sample of works within our Cairns engineering and Cairns steel fabrication capacity includes:

Industrial Marine Vehicle Domestic Minor Projects
Sheds Underwater platforms Roof racks Stair cases Cleats
Safety harness tie points Fuel tanks Trailers Step stringers Pins
Tanks Boats Cages Houses Joins
Canopies Water and fuel tanks Hand rails Bike racks
Pontoon boats Automatic gates Signs
Gated communities Bolt holes
Suspended gates

Our approach to Cairns engineering provides the same level of quality across minor details through to heavy steel fabrication, construction and erection.

Resources: Our most important resource is our highly qualified and competent team. Across all areas each team member contributes to providing innovative and creative solutions to customer requirements.

Quality of work is achieved through a high attention to detail and expert workmanship. Each team member has more than ten years experience in this industry with a proven ability and access to equipment such as:

Press Roll Fabricating Cutting punching
Semi auto band saws 100t break press Guillotine Lathes
Plasma cutter 80t punching shear Mobile welders Scaffolding towers

Design to Delivery: From all aspects of design through to complete delivery and practical completion we manage Cairns steel fabrication, Cairns engineering and construction of all steel, aluminium and stainless steel products. A complete in-house service delivers customised results, meeting the exact specifications of customers. We use 3D AutoCAD to completely customise drawings to meet customer requirements. This creates an opportunity for customers to individually select and adjust any aspect of fabrication to meet their needs. All drawings are completed to engineering standards and meet all Australian standards and building codes.

NQ Engineering and Fabrication Pty Ltd builds from initial concept and designs individualised products that meet your specific requirements. Our in-house Cairns engineering design function ensures the most efficient and effective use of equipment, resources and reduces costly mistakes. A quality system and commitment to safety ensures the protection of staff and resources.

Building on Quality: We achieve results through building on quality workmanship. Our reputation throughout North Queensland in the delivery of custom-made engineering and fabrication products is built on a commitment to managing the smallest detail through to the heaviest steel engineering. Our products last, standing as testament to the quality control we can bring to every project.

3D Waterjet Cutting

The new 1425m2 state-of-the-art workshop is equipped with a five tonne overhead gantry crane and now a 3D water jet cutter that can cut anything from all metals 150mm thick, rubber, pavers, tiles to timber will bring both economic and manufacturing benefits.


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NQEF - Cairns engineering and steel fabrication are the local agents for Hiab and Maxilift cranes. Our Cairns cranes division will be able to design and fabricate a suitable Cairns crane or Cairns forklift solution that fits in with your needs and budget.
Our Cairns Engineering division specialises in all aspects of Cairns steel fabrication. Our customised approach to fabrication has seen a completely diverse scope of works with the abilities to take on big or small engineering projects.
The Boelube range of products represent a family of proprietary lubricants developed through Boeing manufacturing operations and lubricant experience. We are the Cairns based agent for the Boelube range of products.
Silverback ute trays Cairns and ute trays Townsville are a name that is well known for producing only the highest quality ute tray backs, tool boxes, dog cages and associated products. We design and fabricate our products in Cairns.
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North Queensland Engineering & Fabrication - Silverback Ute Trays

We are a Cairns engineering workshop that specialise in Cairns steel fabrication along with providing Cairns cranes and Cairns forklifts. Silverback Ute Trays are our specialised ute trays Cairns, ute tray back Cairns, ute trays Townsville and ute tray back Townsville division. You can visit the specialised Silverback Ute Trays website by clicking www.silverbackutetrays.com.au

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